Pietro Vincenzini


Date of birthJanuary 26, 1939
Place of birthAmelia (Terni), Italy
Office AddressWorld Academy of Ceramics
Corso Mazzini 52
48018 Faenza - RA - Italy
Tel. +39 0546 22461

Pietro Vincenzini retired from his position of Research Manager of CNR (National Research Council) on March 2003. He graduated at Rome University in Nuclear Physics in 1963. In 1964 was postdoctoral fellow at the CNR-ITM (Institute for Non-traditional Metals) in Milan. From 1965 to 1970 held various positions of responsibility in a government body (National Commission for the Small and Middle Enterprises), and in this vest he cooperated actively with CNR in establishing formerly a Research Group (1965) upgraded to Research Centre (1970), Research Laboratory (1974) and finally Research Institute for Ceramics Technology (1979) in Faenza, recently renamed as ISTEC (Institute for Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials). In 1972 he joined CNR as Researcher, progressed to Qualified Researcher (1974), Chief Researcher (1976), Director of Research (1978) and Research Manager (1987 to 2003). As from 1979 to 1983 he acted as the Director of the Research Institute for Ceramics Technology in Faenza.

He is an author of hundreds scientific and technical papers appeared in domestic and international literature and is the Editor of well over hundred books of proceedings of international meetings including CIMTEC and Science of Ceramics. His main contribution to the development of the classical ceramics industry has concerned raw materials, bodies and glazes, and related phenomena, which favoured the great innovation of ceramic industry (single firing, fast firing cycles). His main activity in the field of advanced ceramics has been on hot pressing and oxidation resistance study of silicon nitride, whereas he has been leader of several research groups of CNR projects in the field of bioceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, ceramic coatings, solar cell substrates and lithium gamma-aluminate.

He has been active in several domestic and international commissions, committees and boards. He is General Editor of Ceramics International, the highly ranked, largest and most popular journal of ceramics science and technology worldwide, and former member of board of Science of Sintering, Ceramurgia, Ceramica Acta, Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing, and Bulletin of Materials Science of the Indian Academy of Sciences; he is Chairman of Council of the "World Academy of Ceramics" and member of several scientific and cultural academies including "Accademia Torricelliana di Scienze e Lettere", "Accademia degli Incamminati", "Accademia Tiberina", "International Institute for the Science of Sintering". In 1990 he was awarded the Kurkatov Medal from the Academy of Sciences of the ex-USSR. He served in the organizing committees of several congresses such as the NATO/ASI on Nitrogen Ceramics (UK), the "International Symposium on Plastic Deformation of Ceramics Materials" (USA), the "Symposium on Electronic Ceramics" (Poland), three symposia on "Ceramic Materials and Components in Engines" (FRG, USA, Sweden), etc. He has been an invited guest of several Academies of Sciences (Chinese, USSR, Polish, Hungarian) and invited speaker in several domestic and international congresses and meetings.

From 1992 to 2002 he chaired the National Committee for Standardization of Advanced Ceramics of the Italian National Commission for Standardization.

In 1970 he established the Italian journal Ceramurgia, in 1975 the international journal Ceramics International and in 1980 the technical journal Industrial Ceramics now renamed Ceramics in Modern Technologies. Also at the end of sixties he started the series of recognized "CIMTEC" international meetings that had their last edition in Perugia, Italy, in 2018. This series of meetings had a fundamental role in starting contacts and cooperation among scientists of the Western and Eastern blocks during a time where international scientific cooperation and exchanges were severely hindered by the geopolitical situation (Cold War). He was also invited to start and chair eleven editions of the International Colloquia on Ceramics Processing organized in Italy in conjunction with "Tecnargilla" exhibition. Since 1977 he has been member of the "Science of Ceramics Committee" of the European Ceramic Association and chaired the above committee in 1982/83. In 1987 he was the primary source for the "World Academy of Ceramics" foundation.

He is a Member of the World Academy of Ceramics, a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, Honorary Member of the Indian Ceramic Society, Member of the Materials Research Society (MRS, USA), and former member of the European MRS and the Electrochemical Society (USA).

Amelia, Terni District, Umbria, Italy